Do you have any minimum order quantity?

No minimum order quantity- you can order thousands, hundreds or single quantity, no problem.

How to place an order?


If you are a registered customer, the ordering process is simple and convenient!

Firstly, log in your account, select the size & color of your items and “ADD TO CART”, a pulldown window on the top right will display your selected items, click the “Shopping Cart” to see your items in details, here you can add (+) or reduce (-) your item quantity, if you would like to add more items, please click the “Continue Shopping” button and repeat above steps.

Secondly, click the “Proceed payment” to next step for checking your shipping information, if everything is correct, just click the “Next Step” for checking shipping fee and selecting payment method, then “Next Step” to proceed check out.

Finally, once the order is successfully placed and full payment received, you’ll receive an email confirmation with order invoice.

If you still haven’t registered with us, please click here to become our valuable member in advance and enjoy our simple order process!


When will my order be ready to ship?

Once we received your full payment, we'll process your order. An email confirmation with tracking number will be sent to you later after your order is shipping out. Please note that if your order includes different available status, for instance: restock or out of stock, our customer service representative will inform you by email promptly, and order will be arranged for you’re requested.

What if my order items are out of stock?


If your order items are currently out of stock, an email will alert you that the requested item(s ) are no longer in stock or will be restocked in a few days, then you can log in "My account" to find your order and follow instructions to modify:

Firstly, please delete the unavailable item(s) from the shopping cart.


A) If you want to replace the unavailable item(s), please select the new items and "ADD TO CART ", the system will recalculate the new total of your order, you'll be notified to pay extra payment or get the balance.

B) If you don't want to choose a replacement, just simply click "Proceed payment" after deleting the unavailable items,
then the system will recalculate the new total of your order and the balance will be returned to your account.

Notice: If there are any out-of-stock items and we receive no reply in 2-3 days, your order will be shipped out with the available items, and the out-of-stock items will be canceled tacitly.
The credit (balance) will be deposited in your Beour Account for your next purchase. If you want to have the balance refuneded to your Paypal Account / Credit Card, pls kindly log in "My Account" to apply for a withdrawal. 


Can I cancel my order after I’ve placed an order?

Firstly, please double check your order status. Please note that once your order status is “Processing” or “Shipped”, you are not allow to cancel your order. If you order status is “Payment Received”, you should contact our customer service for order cancellation at once.

Can I modify my order information after I’ve placed the order?

Please kindly note that you can’t modify any of your order information from “My account” when you have been placed an order. Log in your account to double check your order status, if your order status display as “Payment received” or “Processing” or “ Out of Stock”, you may be able to contact our customer service. Please insure that your order ID and required editing information are ready when you contact our customer service. If your order status display as “Shipped”, the shipping information will not be able to be changed.

Can I modify my order products for pending order?


Kindly noted that the product of the pending order could be changed by yourself. Firstly, log in "My Account" and choose the pending order you want to change. Secondly, click "Edit Order" at the upper right corner, then lead to the page of shopping bag. Please follow the instructions to modify as belows,

A)If you wish to delete unwanted item(s), please delete {click }the unwanted item(s) from the shopping bag

B)If you wish to add or reduce your item quantity, please enter number to change your item quantity

C)If you wish to add more items, please click the “Continue Shopping” button and repeat the ordering steps.

After that, and new order will be created and our system will calculate your order total automatically.


Can I cancel my pending order?

Kindly noted that pending order could be cancelled by yourself, and just a few simple steps you need to take. log in "My Account" and select the pending order your want to delete. click "Cancel Order".

What does my order status mean?

Once you have placed an order, you can easily find its current status at any time by entering “My Account”. Please check the below list regarding the meaning of each order status:

Order Status Means
Pending Your order has been placed successfully, but transfer hasn’t completed.
Payment Received We’ve received your payment and are beginning verification to ensure payment security.
Processing Your payment has been confirmed and we are now collecting your order, checking them for quality and carefully packaging them for shipment.
Out of Stock Your order includes the unavailable items, we are waiting for your decision on it.
Shipped Your order has been packaged and sent out by the express service.
Delivery Your order has been delivered to the destination.
Order Cancellation This order has been canceled.



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